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1115Nicknamed while still inside her mother’s womb, “Nona” means “baby” in Oshiwambo (a language spoken in Northern Namibia). She was born about 8 years ago at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton/England, to a British father and a Namibian disabled-mother (who was doing her Master’s Degree at Sussex University).

Upon completion of her mother’s studies in England during 2007, baby Nona relocated with her mother to Namibia…and was fortunate to have travelled globally with her mother to various countries/places (such as her favourite Livingstone town in Zambia; South Africa, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey.

Nona lived in Namibia until she was about 3 years old (and picked up fluent German, Afrikaans, her mother language Oshiwambo, as well as  other local languages).

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  • access 2 education & training
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  • access 2 opportunities
  • access 2 family & reunion
  • opportunities 2 children
  • privacy & data protection (to the most vulnerable).

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In 2010, Nona and her mother returned to England…but they currently live in the Netherlands, where Nona picked up Dutch within 4 months upon arrival.

But Nona’s heart and fondest memories are still in Africa…where her grandmother has been a professional teacher for over 25 years.

Via frequent skype calls to her grandmother’s mobile in Africa…Nona observed that the children had:

  • No shoes
  • No school bags
  • No proper clothes/uniform
  • No Lunch packs
  • No meals at school
  • No books
  • No library
  • No computers
  • No school stationeries

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